8848 Invest — is registered trade mark of Mine Global GmbH. The team of the sister company Mine LLC is a group of the certified certified specialists whose level of expertise is confirmed by successful cases in the field of financial management and trading in the cryptocurrency market. In & nbsp; 8848 Invest every employee & nbsp; & mdash; a professional and & nbsp; knows how to manage investments in a cryptocurrency market so that they bring maximum income to customers.
Team of sister
company Mine LLC
Our analytics in 24 / 7 mode tracking situation on global cryptomarket. We using this data to create long-term investment strategy. Basis of 8848 Invest is our Investment department. This division containts group of successful traders and analytics with international skill level and proven results - successful cases in area of cryptocurrecy trading.
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VQF membership

Mine Global GmbH is a member of the largest Swiss self-regulatory organisation Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen (VQF). Membership in VQF grants financial and cryptocurrency companies the same rights as a license to operate in the financial markets. Participation in VQF implies strict compliance with FINMA rules, any violation of this rules may result in a fine or even loss of the license

Bank Refernce
Mine Global GmbH
Baarerstrasse 43
CH 6300 Zug
Registration number
UID: CHE-228.260.342

Bank Details: Bank Frick Liechtenstein

CHF-Kontokorrent: 0102847/001-000-001
IBAN: LI97 0881 1010 2847 K000 C

USD-Kontokorrent: 0102847/001-000-840
IBAN: LI96 0881 1010 2847 K000 U

EUR-Kontokorrent: 0102847/001-000-978
IBAN: LI43 0881 1010 2847 K000 E