8848 Invest — This is a team of certified specialists whose level of expertise is confirmed by successful cases in the field of financial management and trading in the cryptocurrency market. In & nbsp; 8848 Invest every employee & nbsp; & mdash; a professional and & nbsp; knows how to manage investments in a cryptocurrency market so that they bring maximum income to customers.
About us in the media
«For 2018 8848 Invest showed high financial results: for the current time in our management more than 2 million dollars, and the average return on portfolios was 13.1% per a month. We showed the greatest result in April this year. Now, on against the backdrop of a falling market, yields have declined, however, we continue to demonstrate steady alpha»
«Business Petersburg»
«Lead analyst at Cryptocorporation Mine is confident that regulators should establish strict rules for KYC and Due Diligence, provide rules for auditing ICO projects at all stages of development, clearly describe the application of AMLA policy»
8848 Invest is a leading development direction of MINE cryptocorporation. Our analytics in 24 / 7 mode tracking situation on global cryptomarket. We using this data to create long-term investment strategy. Basis of 8848 Invest is our Investment department. This division containts group of successful traders and analytics with international skill level and proven results - successful cases in area of cryptocurrecy trading.
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We participate
Cryptocorporation Mine Corporation, one of the projects of which is 8848 Invest, participates in the St. Petersburg branch of the public organization Business Russia, and is also a member of the Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain. Mine Corporation’s active interaction with public and political industry structures allows 8848 Invest to always be on the latest news and active participation in the most important events and industry changes.