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Jan Peter Huland
СEO and Board member
Mark Sorokin
Quantitative Analyst
Viktor Pershikov
Chief Strategist


8848 Invest was established in the Swiss canton of Zug which is increasingly called Crypto Valley.

Zug as itself became the point of attraction for the blockchain industry just like New York and London became the points of interests for global finance or California for technology companies.

The environment of Zug on one hand makes it possible to work with digital assets, and on the other hand is closely integrated into the traditional financial system.

This allows us to focus exclusively on important issues: return on investment for each 8848 Invest customer.

Strictly regulated

8848 Invest is a member of Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen.

The Membership in the VQF requires strict compliance with the money laundering due diligence obligations. The SRO VQF supervises its members with regard to the Swiss anti-money laundering provisions. In accordance with VQF requirements, Mine Global GmbH is audited annually by an external company.

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