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Private Asset Management

8848 Invest combines financial expertise, in-depth regulatory knowledge, with a successful track record of fund management.

$100 000

of your investments

In 12 months may become

$180 000

8848 Invest Private Asset Management

Actual profitability for 2020

$118 000

S&P 500

Actual profitability for 2020

$119 000


Actual profitability for 2020

$82 000


Actual profitability for 2020

$144 000


Actual profitability for 2020

Expertise in market analytics

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6x higher
income comparing
to classic investment tools
like S&P 500, minerals
or IT companies shares

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Strict Swiss
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8848 Invest is a member of Swiss
Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen.

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